pour a glass, and we’ll tell you our story

Duluth Whiskey founder and distiller, Kevin Evans, has an eye for numbers, but he has a passion for whiskey. After leaving a career in finance, he jumped into the distillery business, and he hasn’t looked back. In fact, he’s looked forward—in search of a whiskey that tastes great.

A whiskey that doesn’t demand an outrageous price.

A whiskey that’s worthy of the name, Duluth.

Kevin kept looking until his eyes settled on Lake Superior, and its stunning largesse directed him to home-grown riches that make top-shelf whiskey.

He found locally sourced ingredients, like corn and wheat from Widdes Farm Supply in nearby Esko, Minnesota. Malt and yeast are sourced from a distributor in Southern Minnesota. Kevin spins and uses honey friends apiary in East Duluth. Premium barrels are made from Minnesota oak at Black Swan Cooperage in Park Rapids, and labels printed in Duluth’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

He’s landed on blended whiskey, bourbon, malt whiskey and other spirits that are as brisk, lively and flavorful as his home town – while being as warm and welcoming as the people who live there.

So, join us and tip back a taste of Duluth. If you’ve ever experienced the jaw-dropping beauty of the North Shore, you’ve already done half the work.